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Euro Truck Simulator 2, Maps

Euro truck simulator 2 mods: America map

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 3:59 AM

map america dg465 480x260 Euro truck simulator 2 mods: America map
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: America map

This mod dont just edit map, but edit prices of some speed limit penalty (110€ instead of 550€), garage prices (50000€ instead of 180000€) and xp bonus for trailer parking (100xp instead of 45xp).

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  • PindoSWK says

    2012-12-18 10:41:39

    More screenshot pls.

  • battleCat3000 says

    2013-01-21 01:44:28

    I can’t get this to show up in the game. It’s unzipped in the mod folder. Running version

  • john sellers says

    2013-04-26 07:48:41

    @battleCat3000 the reason it is not showing up is because you don’t unzip it!!!!

  • Burbwire 3 says

    2013-08-07 07:07:07

    where is the download link to this map?

  • Arman says

    2014-02-09 09:20:49

    How to download????????///

  • ilker says

    2014-03-19 03:04:56

    Of! Download How’ll go crazy.Please help!Download Of How’ll go crazy.Of! How will download’m going crazy.Please!

  • godi says

    2014-03-23 12:29:06

    how to download
    thers is no link


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  • Shemoil on Car BMW X6
    2014-06-13 04:28:26
    Which Iveco Dealer where
  • Shemoil on Car BMW X6
    2014-06-13 04:26:53
    Iveco Dealer dosent have my car
  • kamil on Audi RS4 Updated version
    2014-06-12 00:00:11
    what truck does it replace