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Euro truck simulator 2 mods: Mercedes Actros MP3 8X4 chassis

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 6:11 AM

chassis Euro truck simulator 2 mods: Mercedes Actros MP3 8X4 chassis
Author: GhostTruck & TC

download actros_8x4 21.35 Mb
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  • ermin says

    2013-01-06 09:32:23

    Thanks <3

    • Truck says

      2013-01-06 09:33:38

      welcome my friend

  • Connix says

    2013-01-06 11:15:29

    Can\’t get the file downloaded, get some .js file instead of the actros 8×4.rar :S

    • Truck says

      2013-01-06 11:29:31

      this js file put on the mod folder

  • TimTrucker says

    2013-01-06 09:40:54

    maybe you could do this mod for scania? :) would be great

  • dudulolo says

    2013-01-07 06:47:40

    don t work i don t get the .rar file but a .js file

    • Truck says

      2013-01-07 06:51:17

      put the .js file in the mod folder

  • Frode Skibrek says

    2013-01-07 11:37:13

    Can you upload the GhostTruck & TC 8×4 Volvo too?

  • SwedishTrucker says

    2013-01-09 03:48:35

    Please can you do a 8×4 chassi for Scania :)

  • Oonza says

    2013-01-10 08:23:52

    Why I can’t download this link? Can you tell me how to do? Thank you.

    • Truck says

      2013-01-10 10:10:43

      It’s very simple… press free download, then wait 30 seconds, after that, will appear a captcha code… write the correct captcha code, and than, the download will be start

      • Oonza says

        2013-01-15 03:55:09

        I do it that you say,but it show that
        “You’ve reached your Free account limit. In order to be able to proceed downloading you need a Premium account.

        You’ll be redirected to the register site in 6 seconds…”


      • Truck says

        2013-01-15 04:45:12

        this is file host limit… we are not able to change the download link, because is the author chioice… you must wait 1 hour, or, disconnect and reconect to the internet provider, to change your ip adress

      • Truck says

        2013-01-16 07:57:59

        i change the download link…

  • Truck says

    2013-01-17 11:41:32

    with welcome my dear friend

  • Alexx says

    2013-03-30 04:33:33

    Truck doesn’t work on 1.3.1 version … but looks great (in pictures)

  • Marcelo says

    2013-04-06 01:33:25

    The best work of “GhostTruck & TC” is “3 оси для Renault Peremium и Magnum” (3 axis for Renault Peremium and Magnum) posted in It’s amazing, and better than 6×6 6×4 ETS2MOD. Why do not they publish it?
    It is unique for Renault (6×2 and 6×4, Premium & Magnum).
    Sorry for the intrusion, but it’s a great job, and can not be downloaded in (file frontgrill_12.pmg is damage). As I can contact GhostTruck & TC?
    Thanks & Best Regards.

  • Jimis says

    2013-05-11 08:20:33

    Nice mod!!!

  • ivan says

    2014-03-11 06:03:32

    When I put this mod on your Mercedes, you squeeze the upgraded 8×4 and then shuts down the ETS 2


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  • Shemoil on Car BMW X6
    2014-06-13 04:28:26
    Which Iveco Dealer where
  • Shemoil on Car BMW X6
    2014-06-13 04:26:53
    Iveco Dealer dosent have my car
  • kamil on Audi RS4 Updated version
    2014-06-12 00:00:11
    what truck does it replace