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Scania Ultimate Sound

Posted on Saturday, May 18th, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Ultimate Scania Sound Scania Ultimate Sound



download Ultimate_Scania_Sound_by_Infexis 2.87 Mb
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  • Gabriel Hada says

    2013-05-18 11:46:14

    What is like o.O what engine o.O

  • Asmir Šut says

    2013-05-18 02:57:15

    v8 straightpipe, i watched real truck videos on youtube and made this to sound realistic as possible

  • Gabriel Hada says

    2013-05-19 03:02:47

    Wow, that’s some good work there (y) I’m really happy you had a chance to give it new blinker and reverse sound. Alot of sound packs for Scania have missed out on the “hissings” when breaks are released, truck stops, truck idleing(random quick eject hiss). This is really good. I have an r360 at the momment and I will activate this as soon as I am able to attach some pipes to the scania ^.^

  • Gabriel Hada says

    2013-05-19 03:07:41

    What Engine do you have for Scania? Which part of the V8 range?


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  • Guillaume on Police Car Traffic
    2014-04-04 13:31:37
    Bonjour Est ce que suelqu'un peut me dire où aller pour enregistrer le mod car quand je fait:-document -my games -ets2 -mods qu'il est bien enregistrer ici je vais sur le jeuje fais modifier le profil et je ne peux rien activer.Merci de m'aider
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    2014-04-02 14:15:36
  • on Volvo FH Waberer’s Combo BETA
    2014-03-29 19:06:14